Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

MindArch IP was founded in 2015,dedicated in protection and defense of the intellectual property rights,aiming at collaborative innovation and providing high-qualified services to ensure the best humane experiences for every client.We are headquartered in Beijing China, with a branch in Chengdu and a translation center in Seoul South Korea.


Our exquisite services and solutions are supported by senior patent attorneys with more than 10 years of patent examination experience at CNIPA,as well as skilled trademark attorneys,lawyers,patent engineers,translators,IP specialists.


We present our services to domestic and international clients,including patent and trademark applications,legal advices,infringement suits,guarding our client s right against counterfeits,making proper strategies for each client,performing searches and evaluation as well as technical translation,etc.


After years of development,we have been recognized as a trust-worthy professional IP firm making every endeavor to assist clients with achieving the maximum value from IP affairs.



Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

- Member of the Capital Intellectual Property Service Industry Association

- Member of Zhongguancun Enterprise Credit Promotion Association

- Beijing Intellectual Property Insurance Pilot Litigation Agency Recommendation Firm

- 3A level patent agency in Beijing

- Member of the International Trademark Association (INTA)

- Member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights


Our Strength

  • Extensive Experience and Professional Competence

    We differentiate ourselves from other IP law firms by leveraging on the technical expertise,precise internal management,coalesced skillfulness of our patent team with vast experience and abundant strengths of a one-stop IP law firm,which helps us maintain a high patent
    registration rate.

  • Rigorous Quality Control for Patent Prosecution

    Conducted by 10-year experienced senior patent attorneys who had been worked as a patent examiner in CNIPA.Final check from the perspective of patent examiners,considering the subsequent invalidation procedure and the litigation phase.

  • Intelligent System

    We adopted an intelligent computerized system for patent and trademark prosecutions which enables us to be more professional and precise in automated monitoring,task allocation and case management in nearly a decade of our working experience.

  • Multi-Linguistic Services

    Our team comprises patent attorneys,lawyers,trademark attorneys,technical experts and management staffs fluent in English,Korean or Japanese in addition to Chinese,leading us to the smooth and efficient communication with clients worldwide.Also,we provide multi-linguistic patent text translation including English,Chinese,Korean,Japanese, German,French.