• Professional Competence

    We differentiate ourselves from other IP law firms by leveraging on the technical expertise,precise internal management,coalesced skillfulness of our patent team with vast experience and abundant strengths of a one-stop IP law firm,which helps us maintain a high patent registration rate.

  • Multi-Linguistic Services

    Our team comprises patent attorneys,lawyers,trademark attorneys,technical experts and
    management staffs fluent in English,Korean or Japanese in addition to Chinese,leading us to the smooth and efficient communication with clients worldwide.

  • Rigorous Quality Control

    Conducted by 10-year experienced senior patent attorneys who had been worked as a patent examiner in CNIPA.Final check from the perspective of patent examiners,considering the subsequent invalidation procedure and the litigation phase.

  • Intelligent System

    We adopted an intelligent computerized system for patent and trademark prosecutions which enables us to be more professional and precise in automated monitoring,task allocation and case management in nearly a decade of our working experience.